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Paul delivers his tailored talks to students and lecturers of all disciplines. Whether your want a guest speaker that will raise awareness of particular subjects, enhance the learning of your students, or even deliver a message that is engaging and inspirational to your faculty. Working in partnership with Paul, your message can be specifically tailored to meet your needs.

Paul’s life both personally and professionally has taken him through many experiences. This enables him to deliver talks on a wide variety of subjects, which include:

Drug Abuse- Paul was the child of parents who were Heroin users. In his past Paul has taken almost every street drug there is to take, and finally Paul has worked with Drug users for 5 years of his professional life.

Hidden Harm- Being the child of parents who dealt drugs and also took drugs means Paul has real life experience of the hidden impact drug use has upon families.

Crime- Paul was born into a criminal family and understands how crime impacts a Child’s view of the world around them. When he was older Paul also became criminal committing crimes that ranged from petty crimes to very serious offences. In his professional life Paul worked with Criminal Justice Services for over 2 years.

Gangs- Paul spent a lot of time involved with very serious organised crime gangs. He speaks about the psychology of gangs, the workings of gangs and the cost of being involved with organised crime gangs.

Prison- Paul discusses the impact his mum’s imprisonment had on him when he was 9. He also spent around 5 years in prison himself. Paul discusses every aspect of imprisonment from childhood to prison and rehabilitation.

Education- Paul went to 5 primary schools and 2 secondary schools before he was expelled. Paul discusses his education and the impact some of the teachers had on his life, and why some pupils seem determined to self destruct.

Whilst this list is not exhaustive, it is evident that Paul speaks from his own life experience. The talks he delivers are suitable for those going into professions such as teaching, counselling, psychology, criminal justice, social care fields, statutory services and prevention services.

Paul can also deliver his inspirational message I am! Able to your students. After the talk your students will:

See how great things can be achieved, even from negative situations
See their own value and potential
Have a new desire to achieve more
Understand how to make the choices that facilitate success

Paul provided my Criminology Masters students with a powerful insight into the links between victims and offenders and the fluidity of those two labels which illustrated that they were not always as distinct as initially thought. Due to Paul’s background and past he was able to illustrate the practicalities of being a victim/offender in a way which they could never have gained purely from the literature. It was an interesting and thought- provoking session and I’m sure other students would benefit from hearing a session from Paul.

Dr. Emma Martin
Senior Lecturer Criminology
School of Social Sciences and Law
Teesside University

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