Do you believe that anybody can change?
Do you believe that almost anything is possible?
Do you believe that your students are full of potential?
Do you believe that your students can be the success stories of tomorrow?
Do you believe that your students should be equipped to overcome adversity?

Paul does too and he’s passionate about the youth of this great nation becoming the best them they can be, the first time round!

Paul shares his life with your students and engages them with his honesty, personality and passion. Paul is living proof that people can change, and he explains how choices enable that to happen.

Your students will also:
• Realise their own worth and value and set their sights on greatness
• Be inspired to believe for more and release their full potential
• Be motivated to change their negative behaviours and become better students
• Hear a message that speaks to them directly and encourages them to take responsibility for their future today.
• Learn some simple steps on how to avoid making bad life choices both now and in the future

Paul's Inspirational presentation will inspire your students to Stop! Look! And Listen! Encourage them to keep believing in themselves, making the right choices. And challenges them to make some changes that may release them to achieve their goals! In school, in life and in the future.


Great Potential could do better!

With so many things these days driven by performance and results, it is easy for people's value and significance to be pushed to one side. When that happens it becomes easy for negativity to creep into our lives.

It is for this reason that Paul passionately believes that every teacher should be constantly reminded of the positive and life-changing impact they have on their students, and simply being told that they matter can make a significant difference to their sense of purpose and their performance.

You see it is not just your students who need to see their potential, your staff do too. Paul delivers his presentations to your team, and using his own childhood memories he shares with them how the ones who made a lasting impact on him did it.

'Great potential, could do better' was the comment written on all of Paul's school reports and it became a self fulfilling prophecy over his life. The point came when he realised that simply accepting himself was being the best him he could be! Once he accepted this principle he then released his potential.

Following his talk your staff team will:

See how great things can be achieved, even out of negative situations
Realise their own value and potential
Have greater awareness of the impact parental addictions have on a child's life.
Learn new ways of engaging with 'hard to reach' students
Be refocused and positive about their students and the importance of the roles they play in their lives.

"You can never underestimate the power you have to sow seeds of change for a student's future, whether they are ones of hope or discouragement is for you to decide"

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