Community / Voluntary / Statutory services

Having worked in the community, voluntary and statutory sector for over 8 years Paul understands the problems organisations sometimes face trying to engage and inspire clients.

He formerly worked with substance miss-users who had been placed onto a Drug Rehabilitation Requirement Programme, where he ran groups looking at confidence, self esteem and motivation. He also worked with ex-offenders upon their release and helped them to remain in the community by putting relevant packages of care around them and helping them to sustain their tenancies. Paul has also worked with young people who were at risk of offending and NEET, and in a secured tenancy setting. And he has worked with families in crisis, criminal justice services and was one the main leads of a pilot project which helped families who were going through separation or divorce.

As well as his professional career, Paul has also had to face and overcome many personal obstacles in his own life, and he understands the reasons that many people use for their being unable to succeed find employment or stay crime-free.

It’s for this reason that Paul’s message is so relevant to your clients, not only does he understand how to engage people from all levels and backgrounds, he is also living proof that "our past does not determine our future, our choices do" which is a message that will challenge your clients to change.

Plus by sharing his message with your clients they will:

Be given hope that they too can overcome adversity.
Be challenged to look at their circumstances as strengths not weakness.
Understand that the rewards for changing, far out way the benefits of staying the same.
Be motivated to be the best them they can be, which is where true success begins.

"Inspirational and thought provoking"
One of the local Governments rising stars Denise Ogden Assistant Director Hartlepool Neighbourhood Services


"Paul gives his message passionately and without self pity in a manner that young people can engage with". I can also add that as event organiser Paul was excellent to work with.

Sally Forth
Community Safety Manager
Anti-social Behaviour Unit
Hartlepool Police

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