Change! Change! Change!

We all know that a journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. And people are often found quoting it.

So why is it that when we ask those same people to take a step from A to B there seems to be so much resistance?

The answer is Change. Nobody enjoys change unless there are benefits, but even then it is not always that straight forward.

Change means challenge, uncertainty and entering the unknown. In contrast people generally spend their lives searching for peace, stability and familiarly.

It is for this reason that if your team faces the challenge of increasing sales, improving turnover or something as simple as changing office… or even moving tables, there will be resistance. This resistance can often come from even the most secure of employees.

However change is an inherent part of success, and your business will not reach its full potential without it.

Fortunately change is something Paul has lived with his entire life, and his keynote speech ‘I AM! Able’ will keep your team focused on the things that truly matter - encouraging them to see change, not as a challenge, but as an opportunity for great personal growth.

And the journey of a thousand miles will be like going from A to B.

Book the inspirational professional speaker Paul King today, and release your employees to be the best them they can be.

"I would not hesitate to recommend Paul. He is a truly inspirational to listen to!"
Fred Pernet
Agile Transition Management Consultant,
proAgile Ltd

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