About Paul

Paul passionately believes that our past does not determine our future, our choices do. It’s a message he carries and one he’s been living for over ten years.

Born into one of the most deprived wards in the UK- plagued with crime, poor life expectancy, poverty and drugs, an environment that didn't offer any child much hope. And by the age of 10 Paul had attended 5 primary schools, been abandoned by his Father and lost his Mum when she was convicted for drug dealing and served a 5 year sentence in prison.

By the time he was 13, he was making his own choices, and foolishly these choices took him down a road which led to expulsion from school, smoking, drugs, crime, gangs and eventually prison. But then in 2001 whilst half way through a 4 year sentence, he became a Christian* and he acknowledged the truth about himself and accepted that he needed to change.

Paul quickly realised that if negative choices brought him to this point in life, then positive choices could take him out.

Thankfully, now 10 years later, after successfully facing and overcoming many challenges to achieve his goals Paul is a happily married man, a home owner and a father to 4 character filled and outgoing, gorgeous children. He is a senior church leader and over the last 10 years has not only remained crime-free, he has also held positions of great trust in the voluntary and statutory sector working with some of the most vulnerable and hard to reach client groups in the country. He is now a much sought after motivational speaker who uses his real life experiences to engage and empower his audiences and motivates them to see their potential and value, which inspires them to be the best them they can be.

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